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I am a Jew of color. Is Hineni for me?

We embrace diversity and welcome Jews of all backgrounds, denominational affiliations, genders, and races. The work we are doing is, in part, to redress the feelings of outsider status that many of us have struggled with as LGBTQ and as being Jewish. Please apply.

I keep kosher. Can I eat with you

As an inclusive Jewish leadership program, we want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable eating together as part of our cohort building. That’s what makes us an intentional community. All of our meals and snacks will be kosher. If you have other special dietary needs, please let us know.

I have concerns about gender and safety issues and have had negative experiences in the past. Will this be a safe space for me?

As a thoughtful, loving community founded on respect for individual choices and sensitivities, we will do our best to ensure that everyone feels safe, valued and supported. If there are particular issues that may get in the way of your participation, please contact us to discuss. We want to accommodate everyone and want to make sure that we can.

This program looks interesting, but I cannot make every session. Should I still apply?

Hineni offers an immersive retreat experience and follow-up webinars to create a meaningful cohort experience. Building a cohort demands the commitment of each participant. If you know before applying that you cannot be present at every session,  please apply again next year when you can.

Is this a Jewish literacy program?

While Jewish learning is a core component of the Hineni Leadership initiative and an important framework for Jewish leadership, the program is primarily to develop leaders and is not a literacy-based program.

Will there be “homework”?

Hineni is an intensive leadership program.  There will be some outside reading and some preparation prior to the retreats and some of the webinars.

What if I’m always late?

We’re all busy adults, and sometimes we get stuck and have to be a few minutes late. But time management is an important leadership skill, and if you are a person who is consistently late, this is not the program for you.

Will I feel politically safe here?

The beauty of the LGBTQ community is that we live across the political spectrum, from left to right. All are welcome here. We honor political differences and aim to create, together, a respectful space to hear each other.

If I’m not Jewish, can I register for this program?

We are creating an intentional community of Jewish LGBTQ leaders and future leaders and we ask that all of our applicants that you have a strong history and identity within these spheres. We are not here to check your private life and trust us if you tell us that you are Jewish. We welcome Jews and Jews by choice.

If I am not a member of LGBTQ community but a strong ally, can I register? 

Thank you for being an ally. Please understand that there are many wonderful leadership programs but very few for the Jewish LGBTQ community. We have to limit the pool.

Is there tuition, and are there scholarships?

There is a modest tuition fee for the program of $365, as well as travel expenses to and from the retreats.  Scholarships are available on a need base only. We want you to be part of our cohort so please don’t let tuition and travel get in the way of your participation. Let’s talk.

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