• Our Mission

    Our mission is to seed LGBTQ leadership in Jewish
    organizations that need stronger and more diverse representation,
    and to help LGBTQ emerging leaders feel confident and competent to
    serve in such roles. Hineni is designed to acquaint and connect its
    leaders with the Jewish organizational map – from both a lay and
    professional perspective - at the beginning stages of communal

    We aim to educate, empower, connect and build
    leadership capacity by mining and merging each participant’s Jewish
    identity, LGBTQ identity, and leadership identity in a meaningful and
    organic way.

    Although Jewish organizations today are generally more
    inclusive than they’ve ever been, under-represented populations can
    be valued but still not fully integrated in an organization’s leadership
    culture. Some LGBTQ leaders may feel uncomfortable or overly self-
    conscious in established legacy organizations. Culture shifts happen
    when diversity is normative, organizational lay and professional
    leadership is more holistically woven together, and those in the
    LGBTQ community feel empowered and knowledgeable in
    heteronormative Jewish settings.

    Hineni supports organizational transformation from the
    inside out, encouraging and promoting leadership from different
    perspectives by enabling LGBTQ leaders to summon their voices and
    articulate their views, while educating organizations to hear and value
    those voices.